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Miloan is a loan company that operates in the Polish financial industry. He specializes in providing non-bank payday loans. Regular customers using its offer can get up to PLN 4000 for up to 30 days. Borrowers who take out a loan for the first time may receive up to PLN 1,500 for the same period. This is a very interesting proposition, which is worth taking a closer look.

MiLoan - take a loan!

MiLoan allows you to extend the repayment date

MiLoan allows you to extend the repayment date

It is very important that the company allows you to extend the repayment date when we can not meet it. The deadline may be extended for a period of 7, 14 or 30 days. Then you have to take into account additional costs, but it is worth bearing in mind such a possibility, because not every non-bank institution introduces such an option. We can also always pay off our payday ahead of schedule. If we have any doubts or need more information, we can always contact the consultants of this loan company. Miloan Customer Service is available to us seven days a week.

MiLoan – a good solution in an emergency

MiLoan - a good solution in an emergency

In situations we are not able to predict, it is worth reaching for financial support. The best for us are small amounts that we can quickly return over a short period. That is why Miloan offers its clients the flexibility to choose a sum that suits their needs and financial capabilities. This option will be helpful for many clients interested in taking a non-bank loan.

The first loan to PLN 1500 in MiLoan

The first loan to PLN 1500 in MiLoan

Miloan is preparing a very interesting proposition for its clients. Regular co-workers can count on the possibility of obtaining even PLN 4,000. The minimum amount of payday is PLN 100, which is a good solution for people who need small amounts for a short period.

What’s more, this non-bank institution also distinguishes those who decide to take a break in the company for the first time. They can also count on a good amount. With a positive consideration of the application, it is possible to obtain up to PLN 1,500. Not every company offers such an amount. Therefore, it is worth considering using this option when you plan to take your first loan. Miloan offers free cash for up to PLN 1,500.


MiLoan offer for regular customers

MiLoan offer for regular customers

Each subsequent loan in this company gives us the opportunity to incur a larger amount. It is for this reason that it is worth to consistently cooperate with the company. Then we can count on larger amounts from a reliable lender. This option will probably appeal to many clients of this non-banking institution.

The selection of the appropriate amount for us and the period of its repayment will enable the sliders available on the company’s website. It is very clear and understandable for the client. It will easily get all the information you need to correctly submit your application. You can use it intuitively. The client panel, in turn, facilitates the entire procedure of applying for a payday.

Momentum requirements MiLoan

When we plan to apply for a Miloan loan, we must meet several conditions. The offer is directed to Polish citizens who are in the age range of 22 -70 years. They must have their own account in a Polish bank. In addition, they may not appear in debtors’ registers, such as KRD, BIG, Infomonitor, BIK and ERIF. This is very important because the applications of people who have financial arrears are not considered positively.

When we plan to proceed with applying for a loan, we should prepare an ID card, the number of our bank account, a mobile phone, as well as ensure that we can freely use the internet at the time of submitting the application. These are very small requirements, thanks to which the formalities are kept to a minimum. Submitting our application should not take too much time. In addition, the entire procedure takes place online, so that we can get the money we need without having to leave the house.

MiLoan – the process of applying for a loan

MiLoan - the process of applying for a loan

Via Miloan website, it is possible to submit an appropriate application. At the beginning it is worth getting acquainted with the conditions to be met and the required documents. Only then can we apply. However, before we join, we should register using the platform available there. It’s a very simple process that does not take too much time. Once we’ve done the right steps, we can use the client’s panel. We activate it using a code that we get through SMS.

Two methods of customer verification

Then we will be asked to provide you with a few details that will help us refine our expectations, so that the offer will be even better suited to our needs. Once we do, we need to confirm our data.

Here, the loan company allows two methods of verifying personal data. The first one is a standard verification transfer. This is a very typical solution for this stage of application consideration. We simply transfer a symbolic 1 penny to the bank account number indicated by the company. Even such a small amount allows you to check our identity. In this way, the lender will be sure that he is not dealing with a crook.

Another solution is to make our identification through the application offered by the loan company. In this case, it is about the BlueCash system, which is made available to us on our customer profile. Through it, we log in to our bank account, there we enable checking information that will allow us to outline our profile. In this way, we not only confirm the authenticity of our data, but also enable the system to quickly assess our creditworthiness.

Then we have to wait for our application to be considered. Usually, it does not take too long. The answer with the decision will be sent to our e-mail address. If our application has been approved positively, we can count on the fact that the necessary money will go to our account even within 15 minutes.


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