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PanKredyt – verify your data by transfer

PanKredyt assortment is tailored to the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Thanks to the fact that the lender gives the possibility to apply for any amount up to PLN 5,000, the applicants can achieve their goals. Please note that one of the stages of applying for a loan is to complete the formalities related to the verification of your identity. We will have to confirm our details by transfer.

The verification fee must be made to the bank account indicated by the lender. In PanKredyt it is 1 grosz. If only the money reaches the loan company, we should wait for the final loan decision. If it is positive, in a dozen or so minutes the money from the loan will be credited to our account.


Conditions for taking a loan in PanKredyt

Conditions for taking a loan in PanKredyt

In order to reach for a loan at PanKredyt, we must meet several requirements imposed on us by the lender. First of all, we must be 20 years old. The lender wants to deal only with persons who are responsible for their actions. Thanks to such a low age limit, additional students can apply for additional funding.

In addition to the age, the lender wants the client to have Polish citizenship and a permanent address of residence in the country. The bank account number is also necessary, for which a loan will be transferred if the application is successful. We can not be sure, however, that the loan will be granted to us. PanCredit only grants loans to those whose creditworthiness allows them to pay their installments in a timely manner. If we do not look at reliable financial market consumers right now, our loan application may be rejected.

Our creditworthiness will be positive if we have a steady income. It can come from various forms of employment. PanKredyt grants loans without a contract of employment. This means that income accepted by the lender may come from a contract for a specific task, contracts of mandate, as well as contracts, pensions or pensions. Income includes family and social benefits, alimony and scholarships.

How to take a loan at PanKredyt?

How to take a loan at PanKredyt?

At PanKredyt loan application is very simple. Everything takes place from the lender’s website. The only thing we have to do is to mark the loan amount and the loan period with special sliders. The next step is to complete the application. Remember to check the correctness of its filling several times. This will help speed up the processing of our application, thereby disbursing the loan.

If the loan is granted to us, we will sign the contract without leaving the house. Mr.Kredyt values ​​customers’ time, which is why it allows you to complete the entire transaction procedure online. If we complete all formalities, the loan money will be paid very quickly.

How do you pay back the loan in PanKredyt?

How do you pay back the loan in PanKredyt?

We will repay the loan in PanKredyt using a bank transfer. The most important thing is that the payments should be made to the customer’s personal loan account with the name and surname. If we make a timely repayment and our credit history will still be positive, we can reach for another loan. In PanKredyt we can make an early repayment of the loan absolutely free.

If we do not pay back the arrears in time, we will have to bear the consequences. In the initial phase of the debt, the lender charges interest to his client. Failure to pay both the loan installments and additional fees will result in the collector taking care of our case, and in the worst case the bailiff.

PanCredit – summary

PanCredit - summary

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