Reviews and Review of Shortcuts Portal Loan belongs to Nordecum, which is the Polish branch of Placet Group Ü – a financial group originating from Estonia, also operating strongly in the Lithuanian high-speed loans sector with a short repayment period.

Credit - take out a loan gives PLN 2,000 for free gives PLN 2,000 for free

At, you can apply up to PLN 2,000 for the first loan. What’s more, the new lender wants to acquire customers by offering them the first loan for free. When we borrow a second time, the amount increases to PLN 2,000, and at the third and subsequent application we can apply a maximum of PLN 4,000. We have 1 to 30 days to refund, except that in the case of problems with repayment in accordance with the contract, we can use the option of postponing the deadline for the return of money. When it comes to borrowing costs, a one-off interest rate applies from the second loan – 25 percent. requirements requirements

Online loans from are created for people who have turned 21 but are under 65. It is required to have a permanent address in Poland, a valid ID card, a telephone number and a bank account with access to e-banking. To apply for an additional injection of cash, you can not be listed as a debtor in the database of the National Debt Register (KRD), the ERIF Debtors Register or BIG InfoMonitor.

To get a loan, we first need to register at We fill out the application form, and then click on the link sent to us by email. Then we confirm our data by making a transfer of 1 gr from our bank account. It serves to confirm the credibility of the information entered in the registration form. After positive verification, we can go to the loan application. We log into your account, choose the amount and the payment period of the commitment. We will receive the decision by e-mail or SMS. If we have an account with Bank Zachodni WBK, Bank Pekao, Getin Baku or mBank, then the money should appear on it within an hour of granting the loan.


Registration in step by step


The Credit registration form does not differ from the standard form of the loan company. We give your details and after a few steps we can enjoy the money on your account. Check how to take a loan at Credit and see how easy it is to receive money in this company!

 Credit - take out a loan

Credit – summary

Credit - summary

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